Survivor 43 Episode 2 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
3 min readOct 3, 2022

CBS didn’t want us to go too long without another bonus length episode, this time treating Survivor fans to a 90 minute episode a week after the two hour premiere. If only this was the new standard, but while we have it let’s dive in!

Immunity Challenge

Whenever Jeff says “put it in the deep freeze”, that means the losing tribe failed in spectacular fashion ala the Fang tribe in Gabon.

Coco Tribe (Cassidy Clark, Geo Bustamante, James Jones, Karla Cruz Godoy, Lindsay Carmine, and Ryan Medrano)

We got to see more of Geo and Ryan’s bromance, but other than that it was essentially as we were for the Coco tribe.

Baka Tribe

Elie Scott

Owen has shown to have a decent enough work ethic, so Elie’s comments about him needing more help around camp could be leading to an Elie vs Owen showdown down the road.

Jeanine Zheng

I commend her fearless gameplay going to check Gabler’s idol clue because that could be game saving information.

Mike Gabler

Just a gut feeling Gabler is here for a good time not a long time, but every second within that short time is going to be fun.

Owen Knight

I haven’t touched my Facebook profile in years but I am tempted to change it to just the words “lovable curmudgeon” in his honor.

Sami Layadi

Bold of you to assume anyone who watches TV doesn’t know who Patrick Mahomes is given his State Farm commercials.

Vesi Tribe

Cody Assenmacher

Cody weaved a hat that would be an instrumental tool for navigating the Beware Advantage he boldly picked up just before Tribal Council (Photo Credit CBS)

The beads on your hat were your infinity stones, and the hat was your gauntlet that snapped Justine out of the game.

Dwight Moore

I love how he’s become the Dwight to Jesse’s Jim Halpert.

Jesse López

Cool, calm, and collectively managing all the personalities on this tribe to ultimately have the final say in the vote outcome and Cody even having a vote.

Justine Brennan



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