Survivor 42 Episode 2 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
3 min readMar 17, 2022

Two episodes into Survivor 42 and I’ve felt several different emotions from sadness to laughter. The game is ongoing and while the strategy aspect hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet, there will be time for that. If the beginning of the season can establish who these players are personality wise, then the investment in their strategic endeavors will follow.

That was a lot of sentences, so now here comes the one sentence reactions.

Immunity Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind

This is a challenge I wouldn’t mind seeing every season because of the combination of miscommunication, frustration, comedy, and (minor, usually) injuries.

Mike Finding the Phrased Locked Hidden Immunity Idol

As a soccer and Survivor fan, I like to see two worlds collide!

Shot in the Dark Take 2

Nobody is safe in this world.

A Survivor Love Connection?!

Maryanne going full Billy Garcia over Zach is adorable and I am here for it!

Vati Tribe

Chanelle Howell

Has a solid mind for the game and connections all over the tribe, one to look out for.

Daniel Strunk

The perfect foil for both Mike and Chanelle and even had some funny sit out bench commentary.

Hai Giang

As someone who can’t go vegan for more than a day, I empathize with his struggles out on the island without rice or another vegan food source.

Jenny Kim

So relatable being a fish out of water in this survival situation and has a really calming confessional voice.

Lydia Meredith

Seeing her out yell Jonathan as the caller in the challenge, including using some choice words to communicate to her tribemates, was epic.

Mike Turner

Congrats on becoming the latest American to be forced to like soccer!

Ika Tribe

Drea Wheeler

WHY would you tell people about your advantage when it’s so overpowered in a small tribe?

Rocksroy Bailey

Take Daniel’s advice next challenge, your body will thank you.

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