Survivor 42 Episode 4 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
3 min readApr 3, 2022

Every tribe has experienced Tribal Council at least once, meaning in Episode 4 somebody’s second trip would be their last. And despite this parity in record, one tribe (to be specific, one demigod) is tipping the balance of power in their favor challenge wise. Let’s get into it!

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Reward Challenge

This challenge was designed to be something any cohesive tribe could excel at, but it turns out Jonathan is good at unweaving ropes too.

Immunity Challenge

Vertical hanging puzzles are among the most challenging Survivor can offer, and although Taku’s dominance continues, Ika and Vati provide a photo finish.

Taku Tribe

Jonathan Young

Finally Mr. Perfect makes a mistake by pulling a Tony Vlachos “Top Five Baby!”, but I feel it’ll get lost in time and likely much ado about nothing.

Lindsay Dolashewich

Although she remains the least dynamic of the four personalities on Taku, she’s become a sleeper to potentially win this season with those personalities acting as shields.

Maryanne Oketch

While Jonathan did make a verbal error, her critique of it when she has been the most loose lipped player this season was ironic.

Omar Zaheed

If anyone on this cast was placed on Jonathan’s tribe to be a speed bump for the former’s challenge progress, it was Omar, yet he continues to impress in his own way.

Vati Tribe

Chanelle Howell

It is shaping up to be either Chanelle or Daniel going out next on Vati, and thankfully for Chanelle, her ally turned rival continues to dig his own grave with a high powered drill.

Daniel Strunk

Daniel’s mouth was expected to get him in trouble, but things have reached such high levels of ridiculousness that Rob Dyrdek might invite him to be a guest.

Hai Giang

We learned that Hai gives life saving cuddles this episode, which is pretty neat.

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