Survivor 42 Episode 5 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
2 min readApr 9, 2022

We had tribe conflict, fishing expeditions, and a lot of planning for the merge in this episode. Let’s get into this week’s one sentence reactions.

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Beware Advantage Activation

The oversaturation of twists in modern Survivor is a problem, yet I can’t help but feel excited when all three goofy phrases are said and the idols are activated.

Immunity Challenge

No lead is safe against Jonathan.

Taku Tribe

Jonathan Young

Tough news for players who get annoyed by people talking: there’s not much else to do on this show.

Lindsay Dolashewich

Another episode illustrates Taku providing three shields for Lindsay to utilize going into the merge, although she must be wary of Hai and Drea with the amulets.

Maryanne Oketch

One thing most fans can agree on: it would’ve been a travesty if she didn’t make the merge.

Omar Zaheed

After praising his challenge contributions last episode, he almost dropped the ball this time but survived in the end.

Vati Tribe

Chanelle Howell

Made an interesting decision voting for Mike as a defense against the Shot in the Dark but now could be in a good spot going into the merge.

Daniel Strunk

When your stock within the tribe is this far in the red, it’s just bad for business to keep you around, buddy.

Hai Giang

In both of his Tribal Council visits, Hai has been able to maximize his opportunities to benefit his game and it makes him a dangerous player going forward.

Lydia Meredith

Lydia’s inspiring confessional about body positivity was so important for everyone to hear and it made me even prouder of her.

Mike Turner

This was the episode that really separated Mike from the Tony Vlachos clone archetype into his own fun personality, even if he activated an idol in the process.

Ika Tribe



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