Survivor Episode 10 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
2 min readMay 6, 2022

If you are wondering why I did not write a one sentence reaction for Episode 9, it’s because there was only one part of that episode I felt like reacting to. Furthermore, my reaction would be very similar to an article I wrote back during Survivor: Island of the Idols. If you’d like to read my thoughts back then, click here. They apply to how I feel about Drea and Maryanne’s moment in Episode 9 of this season. There are topics bigger than Survivor that when they occur on the show, they deserve the spotlight.

Now onto Episode 10!

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Reward and Immunity Challenge

Lindsay is a succubus stealing Jonathan’s challenge strength this episode.

The Sanctuary Reward

Haunting at first, but ultimately this was a great touch to showcase some much needed videos and pictures from home for Lindsay, Mike, and Omar.

Drea Wheeler

So nice of Drea to take a break from advantage gathering to power up her amulet instead.

Hai Giang

This had all the makings of a downfall episode from personal content to strategic overconfidence, thus bows out this season’s Shan Smith.

Jonathan Young

Cast to be this season’s Ozzy, Jonathan’s trajectory now looks more like Ken McNickle.

Lindsay Dolashewich

Lindsay truthers are out in full force as her winner’s contender status could be picking up steam with this episode.

Maryanne Oketch

I urge you all to yell “fiddlesticks” the next time you lose a challenge in honor of Maryanne.

Mike Turner

The last remaining Vati, but it could be a genuine shock if he was the next player voted out.

Omar Zaheer

Easily the best move of the season coming up with the perfect lie to turn Mike against Hai, and the episode title agrees!

Romeo Escobar

Going from targeting Hai with the fury of a heat seeking missile to being the only person that voted with him tonight, what a plot twist.

Jeff Probst

Surprisingly, his idea of a “day off” for a reward challenge was actually reasonable.

Final Thought

I wish the do or die twist would just die.

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