Survivor Episode 8 One Sentence Reactions

Ivan Ornelas
3 min readApr 21, 2022

Because the “Survivor gods” are being petty about it, this is officially the first episode of the merge. That won’t stop me from referring to Lydia as the merge boot of this season. Anyway, onto the reactions!

Note: For the reactions from Episode 7, the article titled Episode 6 contains both. I referred to that collective two hour Survivor content as just Episode 6, but this episode is officially Episode 8 so I’ll refer to it as such.

Reward Challenge

They’ll never go back to this, but I preferred when the player who sat out of the reward challenge due to odd numbers got a chance to pick the winning team for a chance to go on reward.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst really opened up Pandora’s Box with his transparent negotiation strategy and thinks his closing statement covered the tracks.

Chanelle Howell

A prime example of losing the game early on, referring back to when she made the dumb decision to risk her vote which ultimately irreparably hindered the rest of her game.

Drea Wheeler

Closing in on completing the Survivor infinity gauntlet of advantages, this time with the Knowledge is Power Advantage added to her arsenal.

Hai Giang

Having rooted for Hai all of this season, it is interesting seeing him take a bit of a heel turn this episode and acting a little cocky given how he is contributing more to the success of other players like Omar than his own at this point of the game.

Jonathan Young

Turns out this Superman’s kryptonite is individual immunity challenges against Tori.

Lindsey Dolashewich

A quiet episode where she was only seen among the four members giving up their spot in the immunity challenge.

Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne’s reputation as an emotional player ended up playing to her advantage as her compassion displayed when taking one for the team convinced the alliance to stray away from voting her out.

Mike Turner

Mike was so laser focused on getting revenge on Chanelle, he must’ve thought he was on The Challenge: Vendettas this episode.

Omar Zaheer

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