Survivor Winners at War Week 13 Review and Player of the Week

Ivan Ornelas
13 min readMay 7, 2020

Two hours of Survivor tonight, which means double the vote offs and hopefully double the fun! Let’s see just how fun this was.

Everybody Loves Jeremy

“What have I done to become so popular around here?” askes Jeremy after having narrowly escaped the last few Tribal Councils. Jeremy gives Michele the 50/50 Coin back, claiming he doesn’t want his game to come down to a coin toss. Considering how the last few episodes have gone, any percentage chance of being safe could come in handy. Despite being put in the spin cycle by Tony these last few votes, the bonds between Jeremy and Michele and then Michele and Denise appear to be strong. That would be necessary for them to have a good chance of getting to the end and winning at the end.

After a jovial conversation regarding how many days are in a week (with Tony confusing work weeks with regular weeks), Cops R Us have a discussion to get their end game in order. Sarah and Tony have established Ben as their ideal person to sit at the Final 3 with, a reasonable choice given the enemies Ben has made on the Jury. Fearing Nick, Michele, and Denise teaming up, they feel the need to keep Jeremy on board for at least one more vote. There’s just one problem: Ben desperately wants Jeremy out. Sarah tries to rectify this situation by turning Ben’s attention toward Nick, and Ben agrees since he sees Nick as someone who floats between the two sides. Ben’s critique of Nick’s double agent gameplay is rich coming from him this season (admittedly, Ben was effective in this role in Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers), but this plays into Sarah’s hands. The window of opportunity to take control away from Cops R Us is closing, and Sarah and Tony are skilled enough players to make sure it slams shut.

Immunity Challenge Day 31

Players must toss two balls through a chute and catch it at the end while navigating some trip obstacles. Then they must dig under another obstacle with both of their balls before solving a slide puzzle to win immunity and fire tokens.

Jeremy completed the first section first, followed by Sarah, Nick, Ben, and Tony. Those five get to the puzzle before Denise and Michele complete the first section, with Michele in particular struggling. Jeff reminds Tony of his unorthodox strategy when he last faced a slide puzzle in Cagayan, but this time his performance was much improved. However, it was Nick who came out on top and won…

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