Survivor Winners at War Week 5 Review and Player of the Week

Ivan Ornelas
8 min readMar 12, 2020

The tribe swap throws everything up in the air and changes the game. It yielded some interesting permutations that the 15 remaining winners in the main game have to negotiate to continue their quest for $2,000,000.

Playing for Something Bigger

The big moment prior to the swap was Yul’s conversation with Sarah and Wendell where he talked about his friend Jonathan Penner, who he played with on Survivor: Cook Islands. Jonathan’s wife Stacy is battling ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). This is Yul’s primary motivation for playing again. It’s such a heavy and emotional topic and it shows just how kindhearted Yul is. While this season is about celebrating Survivor and 20 of its greatest players, Survivor is a large family of former players that have gone through an experience no one else can truly understand and that forms many lifelong friendships. When a member of this family experiences hardship, its great to see others show their support like Yul did here and many other players did on social media.

Props to CBS for giving the Penner family a platform to speak in the form of an ad during the first commercial break. For more information on ALS and how to help, please visit where you and I can donate to the ALS Association.

Ex on the Beach

The main headline of the Tribe Swap was Michele and Wendell’s reunion, having previously dated. The new tribe breakdown is as follows:

Sele: Parvati, Nick, Yul, Michele, Wendell

Initial Reaction: Parvati and Michele in the minority, pending how Wendell feels about Michele it could be a dangerous scenario for Parvati.

Dakal: Tony, Jeremy, Sandra, Kim, Denise

Initial Reaction: Kim appears to be the swing vote between Tony/Sandra and Jeremy/Denise

Yara: Rob, Sarah, Ben, Sophie, Adam

Initial Reaction: Sarah and Sophie in the minority but as Adam pointed out, the Dakal contingent is fractured.

Dakal 2.0

Jeremy and Denise quickly identify Kim as the lowest person on the original Dakal totem pole. Denise is happy to have her idol but she emphasizes the importance of gaining the numbers voting wise while using that idol as a last resort. Tony and Sandra also understand that Kim is the more likely player to flip, so Tony appeals to…



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