The Last Dundies: Top 10 Moments from Season 7 of The Office

Ahead of The Office’s impending removal from Netflix in 2021, not only did I want to rewatch the entire series one last time but I wanted to share my favorites quotes and moments with you. The question then became: how do I do this in a way that doesn’t overload the reader with thousands of memorable scenes in this iconic TV series? I decided to attempt to narrow it down to the top 10 from each season. Picking just 10 moments for this season has proved to be a harder process than it is for Michael to say goodbye to Dunder Mifflin.

These selections are based on my personal enjoyment of each quote/moment so there will be some bias but hopefully if you have any disagreements, share with me your top 10 in the comments below or on Social Media. My Twitter is @IvanOrnelas2 and my Instagram is @ivanthewriter95. All photos are credited to The Office and NBC. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and this inspires you to give the series one last watch before it goes away at least on this streaming platform. Also, apologies for the one-month hiatus.

10: Dwight’s Wigs of His Fellow Coworkers (Episode 11 Classy Christmas Part 1)

Dwight is quite literally prepared for every situation, and he unleashed his inner Kirby Copy Ability in the middle of a snowball fight with Jim. Dwight pushed his rival to his breaking point not just wish his endless supply of snowballs but with mind games. By having wigs of every person who works at Dunder Mifflin, it just adds to what we already know about one of the most unique characters on the show. Even seven seasons into The Office, Dwight finds new ways to entertain and rarely disappoints.

9: Creed’s Tenure as Acting Manager (Episode 25 Search Committee Part 1)

Remember when Creed was nearly fired during the downsizing arc of this series? Somehow, he found his way to the acting manager role after Michael’s departure. It goes about as well, or poorly, as you would expect. The best case scenario is that Creed gets stuck in his own little world and everyone else performs their roles. However, he demands they call up their biggest clients to renew deals which is a big risk with him at the helm. Leave it to Pam to find the perfect solution to keep Dunder Mufflin’s most unpredictable employee at bay. The “same picture” that Pam uses to distract him has become a great meme, too.

8: Michael and Holly’s PDA Bothers (Almost) Everyone (Episode 16 PDA)

Kevin: I, for one, enjoy watching them.

Everyone: *says stop*

Kevin: Can I finish? (Pause) I was saying, I enjoy watching them… Because it makes me horny.

Kevin has no filter when it comes to romance or sex. His reactions to many of these scenarios range from awkward to hilarious, but sometimes you get a good mix of both. Michael and Holly have recently rekindled their relationships following her separation from Nashua boyfriend AJ, and their honeymoon phase distracts the rest of the office. It reaches a point where a PDA meeting needs to be held, with the couple unable to separate themselves as pictured above. The funniest part of this situation is when everyone talks about why this behavior is inappropriate, and then Kevin chimes in admitting that he enjoys Holly and Michael’s interactions. Some things are best left unsaid, but I laughed so I’m glad he said it.

7: Michael Defend his Nephew Luke from the Critics (Episode 1 Nepotism)

“He should not be punished for being related to me and being bad at what he does”-Michael

Michael hired his nephew Luke to be an office assistant, but he constantly shirked work and messed up the little work he did do. Despite complaints from everyone about his behavior, Michael ignores them because he doesn’t want to admit to nepotism. This is hardly surprising behavior from Michael, and once that nepotism can of worms is open, it erupts. He is forced to face the music that Luke is a terrible employee and eventually reaches his breaking point, at which point he spanks the teenager in front of the office. It would not be a Top 10 moments of a season of The Office without a Human Resources nightmare.

6: Jim Tests the Extent of Stanley’s Aloofness (Episode 6 Costume Contest)

Jim has pranked Dwight numerous times, but he gives it a go toward Stanley. It all started when Stanley drank Jim’s orange juice, failing to realize it wasn’t his coffee. Thus, the theory “what else won’t Stanley notice” is born and everyone gives it their best shot. Kevin dresses like Phyllis, Andy wears nothing but a tie, Jim puts a cardboard box on Stanley’s computer, Michael holds a meeting to discuss sales on the planet Jupiter, and Pam tells Stanley she loves him to name a few of these efforts. Stanley remains cool as a cucumber, and only notices when an altered clock signals what he thinks is the end of the workday. We’ve all worked with a Stanley before.

5: Kevin Tries Broccoli for the First Time (Episode 13 Ultimatum)

Have you ever been nervous before you tried a new food? Surely you could not have been as nervous as Kevin was to try broccoli for the first time. In an effort to help everyone reach their New Year’s Resolutions, Pam set up a poster and meeting to discuss them. Annoyed by the obvious lack of commitment or progress, Michael takes matters into his own hands. First by forcing the elderly Creed to do the “perfect cartwheel” (which Creed technically accomplishes by the end of the episode, given perfection is subjective) and then ordering Erin to bring some vegetables for Kevin to eat. Kevin haplessly tries to eat broccoli stem first, claiming it’s a new food for him, and then Michael forces it into his mouth. I hope I never experience pain like Kevin did that day. The agony was just surreal.

4: Dwight Accidentally Fires a Gun in the Office (Episode 24 Dwight K. Schrute Acting Manager)

This is the same Dwight that started a fire in the office for the purposes of a Fire Drill, but surely even he wouldn’t do something this stupid, right? Well, when you go on a power trip, you do stupid things. That’s what power makes people do. I could point to many obvious examples outside of the show but that’s a conversation for another time. Dwight temps fate by wearing a gun to go with his hostler to appear intimidating, only for it to accidentally go off (and nearly harming Andy in the process). Dwight gets blackmailed in order to keep this a secret from Sabre CEO Jo who would visit Scranton later that day, but ultimately the truth comes out and Dwight’s shot at permanently becoming Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager goes up in flames.

3: Michael Thinks his Cold Sore is Cancer (Episode 4 Sex Ed)

“It’s just good to catch a Michael train of thought early before it gets away and derails the whole time”-Pam, when Michael thinks his cold sore is cancer.

Pam is described as a “shoulder angel” for Michael throughout this series, and she showed why with this quote. While the initial concern is commendable as sometimes Michael brushes off things he can’t adequately explain let alone control, to think his cold sore was a sign of cancer was a big leap in logic. He tries to pass it off as a pimple as well, claiming Avril Lavigne gets them too and yet she continues to rock hard. Dwight urges Michael to contact every woman he’s ever been with for possible Herpes, which results in him reliving his failed relationships and having to own up to his mistakes that lead to these relationships ending all over again.

2: Michael Proposes to Holly (Episode 19 Garage Sale)

Pam prevents Michael from proposing to Holly with gas. Later, Michael’s proposal to Holly with the sprinklers turning on, then announcing he’s moving to Colorado.

The initial proposal idea was to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in gasoline and to set it on fire, but thankfully once again Pam stops Michael from doing something incredible stupid. It does turn out that he remains fixated on the fire theme, as he eventually proposes to Holly in a room full of candles. She says yes, and even as the fire alarm is trigger and they both get doused, it is an incredibly happy moment for them, the other coworkers, and the audience. Holly was by far the best fit as a partner for Michael through her personality and empathy towards him, the two feeding off each other’s energy and unafraid to act silly in front of others. It was also a nice nod to Jim’s proposal to Pam at a rainy gas station.

1: Michael’s Goodbye to Dunder Mufflin (Episode 21 Michael’s Last Dundies)

“Ok, well this is gonna hurt like a mf-er”-Michael

Goodbyes are always tough, and there are few goodbyes in all of the television I’ve watched in my 25 years of life that made me more emotional than Michael Scott bidding his friends, or finally more accurately, his family at Dunder Mifflin, near the end of Season 7. Despite the Dundies ceremony getting derailed and the restaurant kicking them out before they can finish, Jim insists they finish the Dundies at the office. They then sing “9,986,000 minutes”, a reference to Rent’s Season of Love, with many characters getting their moment to shine. The best part of this was the realization that despite Michael’s antics and faults, being the best boss often times comes down to showing you truly care about others. Michael did that, and he reaps the reward in the former of a Dundie labeled “Best Boss”, prompting him to throw away the mug he bought himself with those same words in the next episode. Now that phrase meant something.

Honorable Mentions

“I’m glad Michael’s getting help. He has a lot of issues and he’s stupid”-Phyllis (Episode 2 Counseling)

“I’m no doctor, but I feel we as a public have an obligation to inform people about a disease and take overwhelming revenge on the person who gave it to them. Again, I’m no doctor. I just like revenge”-Dwight (Episode 4 Sex Ed)

“Hey, hey! Our baby was not a mistake! She was a surprise…”-Pam, when Kelly mentions her unplanned pregnancy (Episode 4 Sex Ed)

“Some events are so newsworthy, so historic, that you have to stop everything to watch. Balloon boy, Michael Jackson’s funeral, uh…things that if you didn’t see them live, you wouldn’t really care that you didn’t see them at all”-Jim on the Scranton Strangler being found (Episode 8 Viewing Party)

“Look Andy, all I know is if I had to choose between a tall dude who loves Asia and a you-looking dude who loves sweaters and wearing sweaters, I’d choose you”-Darrell trying to cheer Andy up (Episode 8 Viewing Party)

“I am dead inside”-Michael when he sees AJ visit Holly (Episode 12 Classy Christmas Part 2) GIF Worthy

“The only universe where I would be Jim is in the movie version of him where he sees what his future would be like if he never met Pam”-Kevin (Episode 14 The Seminar)

“Is that a palm tree or did Gabe just get skinnier? Either way, let’s pee on it”-Gabe reading the captions for Pam’s artwork caption contest (Episode 15 the Search)

“No, it’s not Ashton ‘Koocher’, it’s Kevin Malone. Equally handsome, equally smart”-Kevin (Episode 20 Training Day)

“I have diabetes too, you don’t see me making a deal about it”-Phyllis on Stanley winning the Diabetes award (Episode 21 Michael’s Last Dundies)

“Shut up about the sun!”-Gabe, in response to Andy getting his pointless trivia questions right during his interview for the management position. (Episode 25 Search Committee Part 1)

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