The Last Dundies: Top 10 Moments of The Office Season 8

Ahead of The Office’s impending removal from Netflix in 2021, not only did I want to rewatch the entire series one last time but I wanted to share my favorites quotes and moments with you. The question then became: how do I do this in a way that doesn’t overload the reader with thousands of memorable scenes in this iconic TV series? I decided to attempt to narrow it down to the top 10 from each season. So far, this has proved to be a harder process than it is for the show to feel the same without Steve Carrell. This season is well known for its two part episodes which have received critical acclaim. We’ll see how they stack up on the following list.

These selections are based on my personal enjoyment of each quote/moment so there will be some bias but hopefully if you have any disagreements, share with me your top 10 in the comments below or on Social Media. My Twitter is @IvanOrnelas2 and my Instagram is @ivanthewriter95. All photos are credited to The Office and NBC. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and this inspires you to give the series one last watch before it goes away at least on this streaming platform. Finally, apologies for the lengthy hiatus. A lot has happened for me personally but I will try to have Season 9’s entry done soon after this one.

10 Andy Punches a Wall (Again) (Episode 21: Angry Andy)

Andy’s feud with Nelly in this season was either entertaining or toxic, very little in between. They both had the same goal: the Regional Manager position, and both feel they deserve it over the other. Andy lost his position when he went looking for Erin, and Robert California immediately replaced him. While you can understand that leaving your post inexplicably puts you in a vulnerable position, it did suck that the turn tables on him so quickly. The situation reaches its climax and Andy is fired after declining the sales job after Nelly took his manager job. That leads to the call back of the wall punch.

9 Closing Time (Episode 6: Doomsday)

Even when literally nobody wants him to, Andy can help but break out into song. In an attempt to create a new Dunder Mifflin tradition (which have been in short supply following Michael Scott’s departure), Andy restores to signing the 1998 song Closing Time by Semisonic. This did get one new fan though in the form of Stanley. Andy mistakes Stanley’s excitement to leave as enthusiasm for this attempted tradition. Whether intentional or not though, it’s not easy to impress Stanley so that remains a small victory. Because of this scene, everyone has one verse of this song stuck in their head for a few days after watching it.

8 Dwight Plays Himself at the Silent Auction (Episode 22: Fundraiser)

“So Dwight doesn’t understand silent auctions. I guess he’s the stupid guy in the office…(has a moment of self awareness, then continues his thought) because up until now, we didn’t have one”-Kevin

Kevin is usually the “dumb guy punchingbag” on this show, but when one of his smarter coworkers make a huge blunder, you can count on him to be the first to point it out. Dwight’s ego and competitive nature got the better of him in this scenario. Unaware that this was a silent auction, he thought the objective was to guess the most accurate price to win each item. He used his vast array of knowledge and resources to accomplish this, which led to the reveal that Dwight made a $34,000 decision. For once he was left speechless, before being forced to make a prompt getaway and Kevin enjoying this development.

7 Dwight vs Jim Prank Ceasefire (Episode 10: Christmas Wishes)

The never-ending prank war is getting out of hand, so Andy tells Jim and Dwight that the next person to prank someone will forfeit their Christmas bonus and it will go to the victim. After years of pranking experience, it’ll take more than that to convince them to stop though. Instead, the rivals begin framing themselves for pranks. From Jim giving out his credit card information (only for Dwight to send a $200 flower bouquet to Pam) and Dwight pricking himself in the finger with his own porcupine, this reverse prank war reaches its climax when Jim vandalizes a picture of his daughter. In order to save Dwight from getting fired, Jim owns up to his actions to Andy. Andy decides not to take away either of their bonuses, and order is restored. Well, almost. Jim didn’t tell Dwight that Andy changed his mind right away; that wouldn’t be fun.

6 Jim Sells Dwight a Garden Party Book (Episode 4: Garden Party)

“Who is the best salesman?”-Jim

“That’s a ridiculous question (Jim walks by, prompting Dwight to announce him) Mister James Halpert!”-Dwight

The pseudonym “James Trickington” should’ve raised a red flag, but Dwight is eager to help Andy throw the best garden party possible. Andy’s goal is to impress his parents and Robert California, while Dwight is fixated on the details Jim wrote about garden parties. Dwight loudly announces the arrival of every guest and then proceeds with a bunch of random rituals without questioning any of them. Jim gets a lot of mileage out of Dwight’s antics, especially when it comes time to leave the party. The icing on top is tricking him into saying Jim is the best salesman. Just when you think you’ve seen the best of Jim’s pranks, he takes it up a notch.

5 Andy reveals the Florida team, with Dwight swearing and then letting his anger out further in the conference room (Episode 14: Special Project)

Eager to vault himself up the Dunder Mifflin-Sabre chain of command by leading the Florida Project, Dwight asks Andy to allow Darryl, Angela, Oscar, Toby, and Phyllis to be on his team. Andy tries to compromise and suggests a team of Darryl, Phyllis, Kevin, Kelly, and Cathy. Dwight is not happy with Andy’s selections, so everyone gets an opportunity to “audition” for this trip to Florida, less concerned with the work side of things and more with getting out of Scranton. Stanley goes as far as saying (and showing, to his credit) that his geographic location completely changes his mood. The result is we get Cathy, Ryan, Stanley, Jim, and Erin going to Florida with Dwight, who is clearly not happy as he swears and screams in the conference room.

4 Erin and Andy’s Kiss (Episode 19: Get the Girl)

If I could save one couple on this show that didn’t end up together, it would be Erin and Andy (even if we lose one of my favorite Season 9 scenes, it would be worth it). What bonds most Office couples together is how their distinct personalities and/or their unique brands of goofy fuse into a fun dynamic. Erin provided Andy with the emotional support he never got from the same snobby parents he was so desperate to impress at the Garden Party. While the rest of the office looks at Erin as merely a nice, ditzy person, Andy saw more in her. Andy risked his job to win Erin back, and risked a few limbs and car damage by breaking up with Jessica on the trip home. At least for the time being, order was restored.

3 Dwight Thinks the Baby is His (Episode 13: Jury Duty)

“That baby is a Schrute, and unless somebody taught Mose sex, that baby is mine”-Dwight

Detective Dwight is one of the most interesting personas of an already very interesting character. However, in this instance Dwight gets fixated with the possibility of the baby being his and stops at nothing to prove he is the father. Where is Maury Povich when you need him? We got a hilarious quote from this situation, as long as you can keep the mental picture of Moze attempting sex out of your head (my bad if I didn’t help). It is endearing though how the thought of Dwight becoming a father invokes some positive changes in his personality.

2 Jim Uses Dwight’s Arsenal of Bug Repellants to Repel a Flirtatious Cathy (Episode 16: After Hours)

Probably the only noteworthy thing Cathy does and this is why she is one of the most hated characters in the series even in comparison to more established options. Now, I hesitate to praise Jim for doing what I expect any decent person to do in this situation and reject her advances. But the events in which this situation unfolds and is eventually resolved is pretty entertaining. Jim and Dwight’s dynamic vaults a lot of moments higher in these lists, such is the case here where Dwight forces Cathy to leave Jim’s room by spraying the bed with bug repellent. The situation takes a brief turn when Dwight suggests Jim sleeps in Cathy’s room for his safety, the two rivals end up bunking together for the night, leaving Nellie outside Dwight’s door after Dwight spent the day trying to seduce Nellie. What happens in Florida, stays in Florida.

1 Kevin Leads his Team to Victory in the Fluke of the Century (Episode 11: Trivia)

Football fans use “any given Sunday” to rationalize when a bad team upsets a good team, but there is no term that gives this performance justice for how great it was. Desperate to obtain the remaining $800 needed to meet Robert California’s sales quota, Oscar tells Andy that he has to leave early to attend a trivia night in Philadelphia. Andy rounds up the rest of Dunder Mifflin to participate, although they are surprised to end up at a gay bar. Nevertheless, Andy divides the employees sans Oscar into 3 teams. It’s pretty clear that he exiled Kevin, Erin, Kelly, and Meredith from the other teams to give the other teams the best chance of winning. Kevin pulls off the upset with his team’s random collection of knowledge. Lightning doesn’t strike twice though as they lost their next attempt. Dunder Mifflin did meet their quota though, and it’s nice to see characters who are often the butt of jokes on this show get their chance to shine.

Honorable Mentions

“Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?”-Kevin (Episode 2, The Incentive)

Andy gets a tattoo on his rear due to his incentive program (Episode 2, The Incentive)

Señor Loadenstein, porque es muy rápido (Episode 3, Lotto)

“You don’t live as long as I have without a healthy fear of snakes, Bobby”-Creed (Episode 5: Spooked)

“I know how we can save the company…shove it up your butt!”-Stanley (Episode 6: Doomsday)

Dwight’s Gym for Muscles (Episode 9: Mrs. California)

“We have a gym at our house, it’s called the bedroom”-Phyllis (Episode 9: Mrs. California)

“Which one are you, a murderer or a liar”-Erin wishes that Andy’s girlfriend Jessica is dead (Episode 10: Christmas Wishes)

“This isn’t the face of a performer, this is the face of an apparition”-Dwight getting stage fright (Episode 17; Store Opening)

“This is the last time I’ll see Dwight. It’s…not bittersweet, what’s the word? Oh, sweet!”-Jim (Episode 18 Last Day in Florida)

“I want you to wine, dine, and 69 me. Figuratively…perverts. No offense, Oscar”-Kevin (Episode 18; Last Day in Florida)

The Office debates whether or not Stanley has a mustache (Episode 20: Welcome Party)

“I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 42. And when I did, it lasted until I was 44. 43, I just (laughs) I couldn’t get anything done”-Phyllis (Episode 21: Angry Andy)

David buys back Dunder Mifflin from Sabre, ending Robert California’s tenure and ensuring Andy’s redemption following Andy’s firing three episodes earlier (after once again, punching a wall) (Episode 24)

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